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Gap Analysis

Perform an ITSM Best Practices Gap Analysis

Following industry best practices for IT Service Management has proved to help IT organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Performing a gap analysis of the best practices that your IT organization has already adopted against the most relevant IT frameworks is the best way to support your Continual Improvement efforts.

Process Effectiveness

Measure the Effectiveness of your ITSM Processes

Do you know how effective your IT Service Management practices are? An ineffective process is as bad as a non-existing process, and even worse because it just adds bureaucracy to your organization. Adopting ITSM best practices is good, but their operational effectiveness needs to be measured and improved.

Adoption Importance

Determine the Importance of Yet-To-Be-Adopted Best Practices

Certainly not all the existing best practices in ITSM frameworks are relevant to your IT organization. However, there are some practices that are yet to be adopted that will highly benefit both IT and the business. Identifying these will help you prioritize your Continual Improvement initiatives, focusing first on the ones that will give your organization the highest value.

Maturity Assessment

Assess the Maturity of Processes, People and Tools

The higher the maturity of the process, the higher the value your customers will obtain from it. Assessing the maturity of your processes using an international standard scale will allow you to find the weakest links in the chain. Our app will also enable you to assess maturity of the people and the tools that support the management of your ITSM processes, using a proprietary maturity scale, aligned with ISO 33001.

Goals Alignment

Calculate Alignment of IT Goals with Business Goals

In order to effectively support business objectives through the IT organization, your IT strategy needs to be aligned with the business strategy. Assessing the degree to which IT goals are aligned with business goals is the first step to make your IT organization a strategic asset that successfully delivers the value the business needs.

Implementation Priorities

Identify the Most Relevant Processes for Your Strategy

The range of ITSM processes to implement or improve first is wide, and it’s difficult sometimes to justify which one tackle first. Identifying the processes that best support your IT goals will make this an easy step to take. Focusing first on the processes that will deliver the highest value to your organization will increase the success of IT supporting the business.

Improvement Roadmap

Obtain an Improvement Roadmap Based on Urgency

Continual improvement strives for addressing the most urgent aspects of IT first. Obtaining a clear roadmap for the improvement of IT Service Management processes will help you allocate the proper time and resources to improve the items that require more attention first, and leaving less beneficial initiatives for later.

Quick Wins

Find Quick Wins

Change fatigue and loss of momentum are two of the biggest challenges in continual improvement initiatives. Finding potential quick wins will allow you to realize benefits fast and demonstrate the success of your ITSM process improvement initiatives.

Comprehensive Report

Get a Comprehensive and Customizable Management Report

MATURIX IT™ will provide you with a personalized, comprehensive and customizable report that is archived and that you can download at any time. Including your organization’s information, graphs, charts, roadmap, explanations and rationales, the report will give all management levels of your IT organization visibility into improvement priorities across all ITSM layers.